What I Wore Wednesday {Made by Me}

Yesterday was a big day in our household!  My son got his braces!  I can’t tell you how long we he has been waiting for this day.

Because it was such a special occasion, I wanted to get out of my uniform (jeans and a tee shirt) and sport a cute skirt I made a couple of weeks ago.

I loved this fabric from the moment I laid eyes on it.  Its combination of aqua, tangerine, khaki and brown is my summer palette.

I decided on a skirt with pockets, because EVERY dress and skirt should have pockets.  I’m pretty proud at how great they came out, considering this was my very first attempt.

I paired the skirt with my favorite aqua sandals and a long version of my turquoise and coral necklace. Love…

My second favorite thing about this skirt (pockets being the first!) is the length.

BTW, the total cost of this simple skirt was about $6 and it took me about an hour!  You can’t beat that, right?!  Is anyone else on a DIY wardrobe kick?  I know my friend Autumn is!

Well, I can’t end this post without sharing a photo of my big guy showing off his new metal mouth!  Love it!

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DIY Fail into DIY Score: "Zikat"

Happy Sunday!  Last week I went fabric shopping for the first time in months.  I came across this gorgeous fabric by Alexander Henry:


I was lucky enough to find it NOT on sale.  (Why it is lucky to find something at regular price?  Fabric stores tend to mark their items at around 30% off, and then publish coupons for 40% or 50% off that you can only use on regular priced items.  For example, it’s currently on sale at Joann for $10.99/yd (less than 16% off), but with my 40% off coupon, I was able to snag it at $7.79/yd.)

When I got home, I knew I wanted to make this print into a maxi skirt (for me!) but then I remembered that I had only bought 1.25 yards of fabric of each of the 6 prints I had picked out.  (When I spend forever and a day waiting at the cutting counter, I tend to do the math in my head and get scared to blow my entire budget just on fabrics, so sometimes I don’t buy enough, especially on designer prints.  Blah!)

I still attempted to make myself a maxi skirt, but my hips protested.  They insisted that I needed at least another half quarter yard to make it a maxi skirt and not an elongated pencil skirt! 

No problem!  I cut off a few inches of elastic at the waistband and trimmed some inches off of the length, and voila!  A perfect “Zikat” maxi skirt for my mini-me in a cast.

Not only does she rock this look out, she balances extremely well on one foot so that mommy can get a good pic!

She wanted the same Katniss braid I had done for her when we saw The Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago.  Love it!

And, here we are together.  (Excuse the grip I had on her arm, her leg was getting tired from standing so long and she thought she might fall!)  Of course, I had on ZERO accessories.  Isn’t there a saying about the cobbler’s son going barefoot?  In my case the cobbler is barefoot.

So what do you think about my daughter’s $8 fashion statement??  Tell me in the comments!

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