Ikat Pillow Love

I love working with decor weight fabrics.  They are so sturdy and durable…seriously, my favorite stuff!  I got a chance to make some pillow covers this week with some lovely home dec prints and I just wanted to share them with you!


Both of my clients chose these amazing ikat prints!

The multi-color set will brighten up any room! They are perfect for leather couches or a solid red, blue, ecru or gold sofa.

This print would look fabulous as a set of curtain panels or a table runner. ❤

This navy ikat is great for when you want to decorate with a darker hue but would like to give it a little pop!

pillow5-1This print would also make a beautiful set of curtain panels, and thick enough to filter light out of your bedroom.

If you are interested in a custom pillow cover in these or your choice of fabrics, click on the shop tab and send me a message!


DIY Fail into DIY Score: "Zikat"

Happy Sunday!  Last week I went fabric shopping for the first time in months.  I came across this gorgeous fabric by Alexander Henry:


I was lucky enough to find it NOT on sale.  (Why it is lucky to find something at regular price?  Fabric stores tend to mark their items at around 30% off, and then publish coupons for 40% or 50% off that you can only use on regular priced items.  For example, it’s currently on sale at Joann for $10.99/yd (less than 16% off), but with my 40% off coupon, I was able to snag it at $7.79/yd.)

When I got home, I knew I wanted to make this print into a maxi skirt (for me!) but then I remembered that I had only bought 1.25 yards of fabric of each of the 6 prints I had picked out.  (When I spend forever and a day waiting at the cutting counter, I tend to do the math in my head and get scared to blow my entire budget just on fabrics, so sometimes I don’t buy enough, especially on designer prints.  Blah!)

I still attempted to make myself a maxi skirt, but my hips protested.  They insisted that I needed at least another half quarter yard to make it a maxi skirt and not an elongated pencil skirt! 

No problem!  I cut off a few inches of elastic at the waistband and trimmed some inches off of the length, and voila!  A perfect “Zikat” maxi skirt for my mini-me in a cast.

Not only does she rock this look out, she balances extremely well on one foot so that mommy can get a good pic!

She wanted the same Katniss braid I had done for her when we saw The Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago.  Love it!

And, here we are together.  (Excuse the grip I had on her arm, her leg was getting tired from standing so long and she thought she might fall!)  Of course, I had on ZERO accessories.  Isn’t there a saying about the cobbler’s son going barefoot?  In my case the cobbler is barefoot.

So what do you think about my daughter’s $8 fashion statement??  Tell me in the comments!

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