Ikat Pillow Love

I love working with decor weight fabrics.  They are so sturdy and durable…seriously, my favorite stuff!  I got a chance to make some pillow covers this week with some lovely home dec prints and I just wanted to share them with you!


Both of my clients chose these amazing ikat prints!

The multi-color set will brighten up any room! They are perfect for leather couches or a solid red, blue, ecru or gold sofa.

This print would look fabulous as a set of curtain panels or a table runner. ❤

This navy ikat is great for when you want to decorate with a darker hue but would like to give it a little pop!

pillow5-1This print would also make a beautiful set of curtain panels, and thick enough to filter light out of your bedroom.

If you are interested in a custom pillow cover in these or your choice of fabrics, click on the shop tab and send me a message!


Lamp Revamp and DIY Throw Pillows

I am addicted to Target!  I can go into a Target for a loaf of bread, and will come out with a cart full of goodies and a receipt for $250.  I truly believe that time stands still inside of Target.  There have been times when I could swear I’ve only been shopping for 30 minutes and three hours have passed.

Last week, on a grocery run, I did my usual quick walk down the end caps of the home goods department. I love finding items that I’ve been eyeing or cool linens on clearance that I can repurpose.

I flipped when I found a gorgeous medallion print lampshade on clearance for $9.  Then, a few aisles down, I found a set of cloth napkins for $7, and a body pillow cover for $5.  I knew exactly what I could do with these!

I’ve had a blah-beige lamp sitting on my end table for months (a year?)  I got it for $5 at a local thrift store and had intended to paint it–someday.  Well, after finding this lampshade, I knew I would  be painting it Provence by Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. (DIY cost: $14, plus paint)  LOVE!

I sewed the napkins together to make two beautiful throw pillow covers, and I used the body pillow cover to make 2 square and one rectangle throw pillow covers.  (DIY Cost: $12 for 5 pillows, plus inserts.)

I can’t wait for my next Target trip!