Car Loop Fashion Show


For the last 12 years I have been subjected to the bi-daily ritual known as the School Drop-Off/Pick-Up Line, aka: The Car Loop. As someone who has spent an estimated 2100 hours of her life—the equivalent of three whole months—sitting in a car waiting for the PE coach to frantically direct cars to “pull up all the way to the front,” I have had more than enough time to study the fashion habits of my fellow Car Loop Mamas.

While preschool and elementary mamas generally shared a similar underslept/over-volunteered style, middle school mamas have upped their morning fashion game.  Granted, I only observe them from the shoulder up, but this is what I imagine they are wearing.

Power Suit Mama. This mama always has her hair tied back in a slick professional ponytail, not one baby hair to be found. At 6:45 a.m., her mascara and lipliner are on point, she already has a Starbucks in hand and is 20 minutes into a conference call through her car’s Bluetooth speakers. Through her darkly tinted windows I can just make out her amazing business wardrobe and know she is in 4 inch designer heels, perfect for a swanky business lunch.

giphy (1)

Activewear Mama. This mama looks like she’s headed to the gym in her yoga pants, stretchy tank with built-in sports bra and messy top knot, but I know better. Her expertly winged eyeliner and carefully filled-in brows tell me that she’s meeting her friends for breakfast and pedicures where they will talk about maybe taking a yoga class one of these days. Afterward, she will pop into Target with the intention of pricing out yoga mats, but will instead wander around the store for the next two hours. She will buy a throw pillow, a lip balm and a 12-pack of diet soda before grabbing an iced caramel macchiato and pulling back into the car loop.

giphy (2)

Marathon Runner Mama. This mama is definitely going to work out today. Her hair is in that kind of pony/bun hybrid, which looks as though you never quite finished pulling the ponytail through the last loop of your hair tie. She’s wearing an old 5K tee shirt, running shorts, and not a stitch of makeup. If the oval “26.2” sticker on the back of her SUV doesn’t prove her commitment, seeing her jog passed your front door 8 times a day surely does.

giphy (3)

I Woke Up Like This Mama. This mama is tricky. Is she going to work? Shopping? On a date? She’s always wearing a nice blouse, cute skinny jeans, tall boots, natural-looking make-up and an adorable coif. She looks as though she has been getting ready for hours, even though the sun is just beginning to rise. From where do you come, oh Magical Parking Lot Beyonce?

giphy (4)

And, then, there’s me.

Pajama Mama. This mama prays every morning that she is not put into a situation which will require her to exit the vehicle. She is definitely wearing pajama pants, but may have thrown on a bra or sweatshirt just in case. She doesn’t see the point in putting on street clothes when she is simply going to turn around and drive straight home. Whether she has a later work shift, telecommutes to the office, or spends her days cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry (in some cases, all of the above) there is no way this mama is going through the whole primping process at 6 a.m.

giphy (5)

Maybe, if school started later, I could get my act together. If I had an extra hour or two, I could look as put together as the CEO Mom or as hot as Queen Bey Mom.  Maybe….

….Just kidding, I would totally use that time to sleep. Pajama Mama 4-Life!

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Missing: Reward!

Saturday I spent the day volunteering at the 3rd Annual A Magic Cure Benefit at the Ritz Ybor (a historic theater built in 1917, which to my contemporaries is best known as the dance club Masquerade from the mid-90s) hosted by Lawrence A. Martucci Benefit Corp.  Many of you may already know that I am the Marketing Chair of this fabulous charity. We are 100% volunteer based and raise money to help fund research on pediatric cancer PREVENTION.  It’s pretty rad.

Somehow, in the 14 hours from set-up, to showtime, to take-down, I lost my MOST FAVORITIST SWEATER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER AND EVER.

MISSINGSWEATERI wasn’t sure that I had even brought it down from the car, but I must have hung it up with my change of clothes in the ladies bathroom and left it there. I contacted the theater, as well as my fellow committee members, and no one has seen my precious missing sweater.  Boo.

The only other thing I can think of is that I dropped it on the way from the parking garage to the theater, in which case a hundred-year-old hobo with 3 teeth is rocking my sweet threads.  I guess that makes me feel a little better.

If you see my missing sweater, please contact me. Your reward is a shout out and a bag of peanut M&Ms.

FULL DISCLAIMER: Missing sweater cost me $3 on clearance at Target.  But– this does not diminish its awesomeness.  In fact, I believe it increases its overall value.

Summer Fashion As the Season Winds Down

While the warm weather will stick around for a few more months here in the Sunshine State, summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.  It’s both a curse and a blessing.  I will miss waking up AFTER the sun has come up, our weekday trips to theme parks and water parks and staying up past midnight without counting the number of hours until the alarm goes off. I dread packing lunches, morning traffic and afternoon pick-up line.

But, I am excited to get back to a routine at home and work. Hubby will appreciate the return of regular visits to the grocery store, as well as not having to dig through the laundry baskets for a pair of matching socks. I will be able to dedicate more time to blogging and you will get to see more of my handmade goodies.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of what I’ve worn (#wiw) over the last few weeks…

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Jumpsuit Love

I’ve been madly in love with jumpsuits this season! Unlike more classic warm-weather looks, I know jumpsuits are a trend that comes and goes. But, because they are so cute and comfy I will take advantage of the trend for as long as I can!

My daughter (resident AquaSeventy6 fashion icon) got a fab new jumper in her Easter basket this Sunday, and she rocked it that same afternoon.

She paired it with a white racerback tank and her white Saltwater Sandals.  So. Freaking. Cute!

Jumpsuit: Old Navy   Shoes: Amazon Tank: JCPenney

I love this look so much I designed a grownup version!


Have you rocked the jumpsuit this season?  Tell me in the comments!


Ready for Spring!

Last week was Spring Picture Day at my daughter’s school.  I’m totally digging the outfit she picked out and I wanted to share!

The maxi dress is from Target (this season), the denim jacket is from Gap Kids (thrifted) (here is a similar one), the bracelet is from Black Market Minerals and the sandals are from Rack Room Shoes (last summer).

Here is how I would recreate this look for me:

Ready for Spring

Are you ready for Spring?


Fashion Selfies: I Heart Boots

Boots are the only reason I tolerate cooler temperatures.  I literally go from flip flops to boots and back each year. 

I have found some fantastic boot deals on Amazon over the last few months, so I have been able to finally replace the ones that have seen me through several seasons both here and in VA.

Here are some of the ways I’ve worn my favorite boots in the last few months:

Here I am with a striped tube dress from Forever XXI (clearance), a denim jacket and leggings from Express (several seasons ago) and my new boots I got on Amazon!  This was before dinner last weekend with a friend I’ve had for almost 30 years!

Here I am at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort celebrating my 38th birthday in the same boots, wearing a Target sweater dress, leggings from Ross, and a belt that I got in NYC several years ago!  (Check out my MagicBand)

Again at Disney in the same boots (can you tell I love them?!), a dress I picked up at a little shop on King Street in Charleston this New Year, and OLD (but still in amazing condition) leggings from Express (2006?)

This was several months ago on my way to a yummy dinner with hubs and the kids.  I am wearing another pair of boots from Amazon, a dress from Forever XXI (2010), my 2010 NYC belt, a cardigan from Nordstroms (also from 2010), and tights from Ross. 

Finally, this look was inspired by my newest Pandora station “The Devil Makes Three” Radio.  Here I am in cowboy boots I bought on King Street in Charleston (2009?), jeans and a black long sleeve tee from Ross, and a belt I got at a thrift store in Richmond in 2012.

How do you wear your boots?  Do you love them as much as I do?


A HUGE Score and a Mustachio Apron

I know it’s late!  Who blogs at 10 p.m.???  Ummm, I do!!

I spent the day doing some back-to-school shopping with the kiddos, thanks to a nice gift card my wonderful mother-in-law sent them.  Then I did one of my ALL TIME favorite things….I went thrifting! 

I didn’t exactly MEAN to buy anything.  I just walked into the shop to browse and kill time, and then I saw it. The sign.  It said “All clothing $1.”  Say WHAAATTTT?

I decided just to peek in the woman’s section. The first thing I found was a pair of gray Liz Claiborne dress slacks, in my size.  Right next to it a pair of taupe NY & Co dress slacks (also in my size!)  I found a couple of pencil skirts, a GORGEOUS button down black midi skirt, a beautiful navy Isaac Mizrahi dress, and a Simply Vera Wang top.

I was about to walk to the register when I saw a rolling rack with some newly placed items.  I found my daughter 3 cardigans, two from Gap and one from J. Crew.  My biggest find??  A pair of LIKE NEW Banana Republic jeans in hubby’s size.  Keep in mind, these are $1 each!  ONE DOLLAR!  My grand total??  $14…CHA-CHING!  That was less than what I spent on ONE long-sleeve hoodie for my son at Kohls!

I don’t have any pics of my score to share with you tonight. Half of the items are in the wash, and the other half are in a bag to go to the cleaners, but I will post some as soon as I can.

I’m not going to leave you with out any pics, though.  Here is one of 6 aprons I made for my friend who’s hosting a mustachio baby shower. 


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DIY Fail into DIY Score: "Zikat"

Happy Sunday!  Last week I went fabric shopping for the first time in months.  I came across this gorgeous fabric by Alexander Henry:


I was lucky enough to find it NOT on sale.  (Why it is lucky to find something at regular price?  Fabric stores tend to mark their items at around 30% off, and then publish coupons for 40% or 50% off that you can only use on regular priced items.  For example, it’s currently on sale at Joann for $10.99/yd (less than 16% off), but with my 40% off coupon, I was able to snag it at $7.79/yd.)

When I got home, I knew I wanted to make this print into a maxi skirt (for me!) but then I remembered that I had only bought 1.25 yards of fabric of each of the 6 prints I had picked out.  (When I spend forever and a day waiting at the cutting counter, I tend to do the math in my head and get scared to blow my entire budget just on fabrics, so sometimes I don’t buy enough, especially on designer prints.  Blah!)

I still attempted to make myself a maxi skirt, but my hips protested.  They insisted that I needed at least another half quarter yard to make it a maxi skirt and not an elongated pencil skirt! 

No problem!  I cut off a few inches of elastic at the waistband and trimmed some inches off of the length, and voila!  A perfect “Zikat” maxi skirt for my mini-me in a cast.

Not only does she rock this look out, she balances extremely well on one foot so that mommy can get a good pic!

She wanted the same Katniss braid I had done for her when we saw The Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago.  Love it!

And, here we are together.  (Excuse the grip I had on her arm, her leg was getting tired from standing so long and she thought she might fall!)  Of course, I had on ZERO accessories.  Isn’t there a saying about the cobbler’s son going barefoot?  In my case the cobbler is barefoot.

So what do you think about my daughter’s $8 fashion statement??  Tell me in the comments!

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