DIY Flannel Skirts

I have to begin this post with a disclaimer:  I’m not an apparel designer. You won’t see the following items in my shop.  The following is strictly a DIY project! (see below for more information)*

I mentioned yesterday that I had been working on some skirts for my daughter, since she’ll be wearing a leg cast for 6 weeks. Sure, it would have been easier (and funner) to raid the mall, or an online designer for a new collection of spring skirts, but my wallet did not agree.

I popped into the fabric store last week and was stoked to find the flannel at $2.49/yd!  Yes, I am aware that flannel isn’t exactly a spring fabric, nor is it used for much more than PJs and bedsheets, but I couldn’t get over the cute prints.  I knew that they would cheer my daughter up, and they were right in my price range!  (It helps that the temperature is still relatively cool for the next few weeks!)

I know how to make a basic skirt, but I scoured the web for some other ideas and came up with some quick and easy variations.

This turquoise and brown owl print is done in a tiered fashion.

I went with a basic skirt for this purple bird/birhouse print.

This pink bird/birdcage print looks great tiered!

I had some left over fabric from the skulls and cherry blossom skirts to make matching Boho Headbands (which I do sell, btw!)

I was able to get my daughter up on her crutches to model one of the skirts for you:

Did I mention that these only cost $2.49 each to make?!? (Even less for the basic skirt style!)

Thanks for popping in and taking a peek at my newest DIY!

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*Why the disclaimer? When you are part of a community of handcrafters, sometimes your interests and designs overlap. Even though none of us own the rights to any particular craft, I personally find that it’s important not to encroach on a friend’s niche market.

Tampa Trunk Show and an Announcement

Happy 2012, my beautiful friends!  I am so sorry that it has taken me a whole 6 days into the new year to wish you well!  Also, I am even more sorry that it has been almost an entire month since my last post!!

What a crazy holiday season it has been!! I spent the entire month of December making items for AquaSeventy6’s final trunk show of 2011, in Tampa, Florida.  After a 12 hour drive, and three days of last minute preparation, I am happy to announce that the show was a success!

It was such a pleasure to put this show together with my friend, Marcy, owner of K.a.i-y.a. Designs!

Here is the AquaSeventy6 table!
Checkbook Covers, Everything Pocuhes, Key Rings, and Headbands.
Button Pendant necklaces, Cuff Bracelets, He Loves Me Brooches and Hair Clips, Business Card/ID Holders, and more Headbands.
Ruffled Wreath, Felt Wine Bag and Clutches.
Fabric and Bead Necklaces and Scrappy Scarf Necklaces.

Here is the K.a.i-y.a. Designs table.  The Superhero tees and onesies were a BIG HIT!
Just look at these super cute headbands and reindeer tees!
I actually wanted this adorable Christmas skirt and top combo for myself!
Our hubbies took over as bartenders for the evening. 
Sangria Terreo was number one on the menu!
After a long, yet productive evening, Marcy and I
were finally able to pose for a photo!

I wish I would have photographed some of our guests, but by the time Marcy and I came up for air, the crowd had dwindled down, and our tables were sparse! We were very, very blessed.  Thanks to all of you who joined us that evening!!

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to announce some changes here at AquaSeventy6:

I started this blog in 2010 in conjunction with my very good friend, Autumn, who shares my passion for second-hand, refurbished, vintage and handmade items.  Together we featured our DIY projects, tutorials and our handmade items for sale.  As of January 2012, we decided that we each had so much to share that we would divide and conquer.  I will keep you updated on Autumn’s journey and link her new site as soon as its up and running.

Autumn, your contribution to our site will be greatly missed, but I can’t wait to see how you transform your skill and passion into another beautiful endeavor.  Love you tons!


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