A Wreath For All Seasons

I love having seasonal wreaths on my front door, but I don’t love storing them at the end of each holiday.  They always end up smashed or deformed or worst of all–full of spiders and cobwebs.

I wanted a wreath that would go with me from season to season with little design effort.  Here is what I created last fall:

I used burlap ribbon to create the wreath and embellish it each season with an inexpensive plaque or oversized ornament. This particular Valentine’s ornament I made myself.  Totally wonky and by no means perfect, just like me.  🙂

What do you have on your front door? 



"Pink Ribbon" Rag Wreath

I know I say this a lot (or maybe not enough), but I miss my friends and relatives back in Florida. Every time I miss a birthday party, baby shower, baptism, or even a Friday night dinner out with friends, it is like a million knives flying through my heart.

This is why I was so touched (and excited) when my cousin (technically my husband’s cousin’s sister-in-law, but after being friends for 20 years, and catching the bouquet at my wedding, we are practically blood relatives) asked me to create a special wreath for her mom’s Pink Party, celebrating 5 years of being free of breast cancer.

She told me exactly what she wanted and I was thrilled to get right to work.

A rag wreath is one of those projects where you really have to LOVE person for whom you are making it, because it is quite time consuming.  Good thing I LOVE these ladies!! 😉

Each strip of fabric is ripped and individually tied to the wreath base. The more strips you fit on to the base, the fuller the wreath is. I wanted a FULL wreath.  I used a total of 3.5 yards of 5 different fabrics.

One of the fabrics was a floral print with pink ribbons.  Another fabric had the words “Faith, Hope, Love, Charity”.

I love how the different shades of pink give it depth and texture.

I love the end result so much, that I am planning to make myself a springtime rag wreath (if I start now, it may be complete by spring!!)

I hope my cousin loves this wreath as much as I loved making it.  Here’s to a lifetime of health for the beautiful “L” and a cure for breast cancer.

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