DIY Flannel Skirts

I have to begin this post with a disclaimer:  I’m not an apparel designer. You won’t see the following items in my shop.  The following is strictly a DIY project! (see below for more information)*

I mentioned yesterday that I had been working on some skirts for my daughter, since she’ll be wearing a leg cast for 6 weeks. Sure, it would have been easier (and funner) to raid the mall, or an online designer for a new collection of spring skirts, but my wallet did not agree.

I popped into the fabric store last week and was stoked to find the flannel at $2.49/yd!  Yes, I am aware that flannel isn’t exactly a spring fabric, nor is it used for much more than PJs and bedsheets, but I couldn’t get over the cute prints.  I knew that they would cheer my daughter up, and they were right in my price range!  (It helps that the temperature is still relatively cool for the next few weeks!)

I know how to make a basic skirt, but I scoured the web for some other ideas and came up with some quick and easy variations.

This turquoise and brown owl print is done in a tiered fashion.

I went with a basic skirt for this purple bird/birhouse print.

This pink bird/birdcage print looks great tiered!

I had some left over fabric from the skulls and cherry blossom skirts to make matching Boho Headbands (which I do sell, btw!)

I was able to get my daughter up on her crutches to model one of the skirts for you:

Did I mention that these only cost $2.49 each to make?!? (Even less for the basic skirt style!)

Thanks for popping in and taking a peek at my newest DIY!

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*Why the disclaimer? When you are part of a community of handcrafters, sometimes your interests and designs overlap. Even though none of us own the rights to any particular craft, I personally find that it’s important not to encroach on a friend’s niche market.


5 thoughts on “DIY Flannel Skirts

  1. Your poor baby girl! Thankfully casts come in much cooler colours now than when I was a kid. And I love that you chose fabrics that go with it. If you're going to be stuck in a cast for 6 weeks, you may as well make it into an accessory! I hope she has a speedy recovery 🙂


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