3 Bags and 1 Apology

So sorry for being distant…it’s not you, it’s us.
Life can get busy. Blogs can get neglected.
But we’re back and ready to share.

Medium Tote

While Yvette has been busy traveling, I have been sewing my knuckles to the bone (in a good way!).

Gathered Clutch

Pleated Sling

More to come! Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “3 Bags and 1 Apology

  1. Oh .. thats stunning!! all the stuff is gorgeous.. Yes.. true!! I know the feeling.. when life is like a roller-coaster.. ride.. and super busy.. and the blog is easiest to be forgotten about..

    Saying that.. Im following you now.. and am hoping you'll hop on to Colours Dekor to visit me too.. 🙂


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