Men’s Shirts Become Boy’s Pillows


I was really drawn to the pattern and colors of these men’s shirts when I saw them at Goodwill. For $4 each, I figured I would make the investment and see what I could come up with.


First, I cut a square to fit my pillow form. I wanted to keep the pocket and buttons in tact for the pillow front. I used my machine to embroider my older son’s monogram onto the pocket of the dark blue pillow cover.


For my younger son, I cut the initial of his first name out of felt, adhered it with fusible tape and tacked it down with some orange embroidery floss for contrast and color.

These were so easy! They only took about 20 minutes each. The boys just love their special pillows.
A fun upcycled project always makes me smile!



11 thoughts on “Men’s Shirts Become Boy’s Pillows

  1. Your pillows are so awesome!! I've been wanting to do a project like this as well, Funny enough, I actually bought a men's shirt from Goodwill too to do just that! That was months ago and I still haven't started the project. 😦 Yours is great inspiration.


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