Glad to be back!

I want to second Autumn’s apology.  I spent the last week and half traveling to and from my home town of Tampa, FL, so I have been neglecting you.  Sooo sorry!  However, the trip was just fabulous.  I was able to spend lots of time with my friends and family.  I was also able to spark up some of my creative juices that had been running low since my move to Virginia almost three months ago.  I also was lucky enough to miss both an earthquake and a hurricane that hit my area.  Thankfully we had power when we arrived, and only a couple of very small items fell off of one shelf in my daughter’s room (on to a carpeted floor, causing no damage).  God is great!

While in Tampa, I was able to visit my very favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist, Robyn Story Designs.  There, I picked up some Aubusson Blue, Arles, Primer Red, and Chateau Gray.  My good friend and fellow blogger, Marcy, shared some of her Louis Blue, Provence and Graphite with me, and my cousin Minh gave me some of her Duck Egg.  I can’t tell you how I badly I am itching to start painting!!  But, alas, school starts in just a few days and I am busy school supply shopping and hanging with my kiddos before they are off to 3rd and 6th grades. (Sigh!)

While I was in Tampa, I hit up some of my old thrift stores and picked up a few small, but awesome items to work on.  Just typing those words makes me want to run into the garage right at this moment!

So, needless to say, I don’t have a project to share with you today.  😦  BUT, since it’s my adorable dachshund, Oscar’s 4th birthday today, I will leave you with this:

This smile inspires me!



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