I Heart My Wristlet

I don’t necessary create according to season, but there is something about hearts and love around Valentine’s Day that brightens my spirit.

Doesn’t this wristlet, with its mix of sweet and tough, just brighten YOUR day???

For today’s project I was inspired by a couple of Valentine’s-related pins I came across on everyone’s favorite time-killer, Pinterest.

First was the Deux Lux ‘Resort’ Wristlet from Nordstrom.com. Next was this DIY art project by Southern Lovely.  (I was going to add the photos, but I wanted to make sure you visited each site!)

This 8″ x 7″ wristlet features a felt heart applique (shout out to my guuurrrlll Marcy over at K.a.i-y.a. Designs for her applique lesson over Christmas break!), an 8″ wrist strap, fleece interfacing, a handy inside pocket and finally a matching covered button zipper pull.

I know I’ve said this before, but I love it so much, I don’t know if I will be willing to part with it!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

My little mama wanted to make some special Valentine’s Day cards for her new classmates this year.  We came up with a super fun tutorial, so easy a 9-year-old could (and did!) follow!

Here are the materials we used:

  • Plain white card stock
  • Colorful patterned card stock
  • Funky edge scrapbook scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • LOVE stamp
  • Pink stamp pad
  • Aqua colored pen/marker

Step 1: Trace a heart shape on the back of the patterned card stock
Step 2: Cut out the heart using the funky edge scrapbook scissors

It should look like this!
Step 3: Sew (or have Mom sew) along the edge of the heart
to the piece of white card stock.
Step 4:  Add a fun stamp to the card.
Step 5: Add your friend’s name on top and your name along the bottom.

Easy peasy and too cute for words! 

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