DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

My little mama wanted to make some special Valentine’s Day cards for her new classmates this year.  We came up with a super fun tutorial, so easy a 9-year-old could (and did!) follow!

Here are the materials we used:

  • Plain white card stock
  • Colorful patterned card stock
  • Funky edge scrapbook scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • LOVE stamp
  • Pink stamp pad
  • Aqua colored pen/marker

Step 1: Trace a heart shape on the back of the patterned card stock
Step 2: Cut out the heart using the funky edge scrapbook scissors

It should look like this!
Step 3: Sew (or have Mom sew) along the edge of the heart
to the piece of white card stock.
Step 4:  Add a fun stamp to the card.
Step 5: Add your friend’s name on top and your name along the bottom.

Easy peasy and too cute for words! 

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