Fashion Selfies: I Heart Boots

Boots are the only reason I tolerate cooler temperatures.  I literally go from flip flops to boots and back each year. 

I have found some fantastic boot deals on Amazon over the last few months, so I have been able to finally replace the ones that have seen me through several seasons both here and in VA.

Here are some of the ways I’ve worn my favorite boots in the last few months:

Here I am with a striped tube dress from Forever XXI (clearance), a denim jacket and leggings from Express (several seasons ago) and my new boots I got on Amazon!  This was before dinner last weekend with a friend I’ve had for almost 30 years!

Here I am at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort celebrating my 38th birthday in the same boots, wearing a Target sweater dress, leggings from Ross, and a belt that I got in NYC several years ago!  (Check out my MagicBand)

Again at Disney in the same boots (can you tell I love them?!), a dress I picked up at a little shop on King Street in Charleston this New Year, and OLD (but still in amazing condition) leggings from Express (2006?)

This was several months ago on my way to a yummy dinner with hubs and the kids.  I am wearing another pair of boots from Amazon, a dress from Forever XXI (2010), my 2010 NYC belt, a cardigan from Nordstroms (also from 2010), and tights from Ross. 

Finally, this look was inspired by my newest Pandora station “The Devil Makes Three” Radio.  Here I am in cowboy boots I bought on King Street in Charleston (2009?), jeans and a black long sleeve tee from Ross, and a belt I got at a thrift store in Richmond in 2012.

How do you wear your boots?  Do you love them as much as I do?



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