DIY Minion Halloween Costume {Ba ba ba ba-ba na-na!}

Today’s costume is an easy DIY!  My daughter knew that she wanted to dress up like this character since we watched Despicable Me 2 this summer.


The DIY Minion

Just looking at this kid makes me want to say: BEE DOH!  BEE DOH!  BEE DOH!!

I love the way this all came out!  I used a mix of hand-me-downs, consignment and new items.  She will be wearing this on Halloween night!

This DIY Minion wears:

  • Black Chucks (Converse All Star hand me downs from her brother): Free(ish) retail at about $30
  • Yellow Tee Shirt (my son’s old band tee): Free –these retail less than $10 new
  • Thick Round Glasses (Michael’s): $1
  • Yellow Beanie (Amazon): $5
  • Black Gloves (from an old costume): Free –you can find black gloves for about $1
  • Yellow Soccer Socks (Ross): $3 (for two pair)
  • Denim Overalls (cosigment shop): $3
  • Yellow Buttons (Joann): $1
  • Silliness–Priceless!

My total cost:  $13 with lots of reusable pieces!!



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