Mother’s Day Wish List {Handmade}

It just dawned on me that Mother’s Day is just 2.5 weeks away! If I had ONE wish, it would be to spend the day with my mom and my mother-in-law.  Unfortunately, we simply can’t do an 800 mile road trip with my daughter in a cast, and the kids still in school.

Oh, and have you SEEN airline prices?!?  For the cost of four round-trip tickets, plus baggage and the cost of boarding the dogs and we could LIT-rally drive to Florida and spend a week in Disney World.

Anyway, since none of those things are going to happen, why not fantasize about my dream Mother’s Day Gift Wishlist?  Ahhh, yes…..(wiggly lines and harps playing)

I’m totes magotes into maxi skirts and maxi dresses.  I would kill to have these in my closet:

The following blue floral dress by k.a.i-y.a. designs is long and flowy….and just makes me want to go to St. Tropez.

k.a.i-y.a. designs

I’m also digging this k.a.i-y.a. red maxi skirt with a yoga waist band:

k.a.i-y.a. designs

My former blog and biz partner Autumn created this dress to wear to a vineyard and seriously, I’m about to have a glass of wine right now just thinking about owning this boho strapless maxi…

stitched by jones

I’ve been using my favorite laci jean handbag every day for a year and a half (and it’s so well made that I can probably use it every day for the next 10 years!)  But that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about other bags to add to my collection.

laci jean
Tween Queen Designs
stitched by jones

You know I love accessories!  Here is a fun and funky pendant I wouldn’t mind sporting out:

Sweet Whimsy

 Mother’s Day isn’t complete if you don’t have something with your kids’ names on it:

This hand-stamped necklace by R&E Avenue is definitely on my wish list! (shhh…I already ordered it for myself)

R&E Avenue

What items are on your Mother’s Day wishlist?  Tell me in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Wish List {Handmade}

  1. I love the first and third maxi dresses and that last tote would be the perfect beach/pool bag. Your friend Autumn is crazy talented! I will have to check out her site. I am also a native Floridian but via the East coast. 🙂


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