First Aid "Everything Pouch"

Last week, my friend asked if I could create a little pouch to put in her son’s diaper bag where she could store his medicines along with a sheet containing instructions on the necessary dosage and his doctor information for any emergency situation.   She wanted to make sure it was clearly marked with a red cross to indicate “First Aid”.

What a great idea!  When diaper bags became unnecessary in my house, I found myself tossing band-aids, medicines, etc. into my purse, only to be lost in the bottom of its abyss when the need arouse. This pouch had so much potential! 

This pouch is 5″ x 6.5″, to accommodate my friend’s needs, but can easily be made in any size and fabric combination. 

If you or your child has allergies, a little First Aid Pouch can store an Epipen or allergy medications.  You can pack bandages and triple antibiotic in this little pouch and toss it into your child’s sports bag.

The possibilities are endless.  To order, or for more information, email me at the link provided above.

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One thought on “First Aid "Everything Pouch"

  1. definitely a great idea!! especially if someone had allergies or diabetes…
    love the pouch!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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