My Not-So-Strange Addiction

I’m totally addicted…so much so that I haven’t allowed myself to give in out of fear there will be no turning back.  This is the 12-step kind of addiction. The kind that will require going cold turkey if I don’t control it here and now.  What am I talking about??


Ever since I discovered that I could make my own fashion boards it’s pretty much all I ever think about!  Granted, I’ve only made four sets since I opened up my account.  But that, my friends, is by choice.  I must ration the fashion.  (yep, I’m copyrighting that!)

I posted my first board yesterday.  Here are a couple of other sets I’ve put together in the last few days:


Doesn’t this make you want to have lunch on the pier?  I wish I had a pier nearby!


Earth tones with a hint of blue-green…this outfit almost makes me want to work outside of the home. I designed this with Sunday Mass in mind (plus tights!). I have similar boots, skirt and earrings, just need to hunt for a few more accessories to complete the look.

Do you have a Polyvore addiction?  If so, follow me



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