Fabulously Frugal Fall Fashion Challenge: The Monochromatic Challenge and Features

Thanks to all of our readers and followers who participated in The Floral Challenge last week!  Before we premiere this week’s challenge, here are our favorite link-ups from last week.

Our veteran FFFF Challenger, Anh-Kay put together a GORGEOUS floral outfit this week! 
We love the green clutch (woot for the accessory!) and adore the vintage boots.  Great work, AKP!


Tanya from Kreative Korner came up with not one but THREE complete floral inspired outfits right from her closet! 
AWESOME job, Tanya!  Can we borrow some of these hot looks?!

Teresa from You Made That??? put together this outfit for $0!  Can you tell her
jeans are unrolled capris?  Way to creatively use items you already own! We love it!

Thanks again for your participation! If your look was featured, make sure to grab a LOVED BY button from our Button Up tab to put on your sidebar or featured page.  Remember, if you want your look to be featured, follow the rules listed below!

Now on to this week’s challenge The Monochromatic Challenge:

Sources found on our Pinterest board.

Bonus Accessory:

 Here is a reminder of the rules:

  • Recreate a similar outfit head-to-toe.  This can mean that you recreate 1, 2, 3 or all of the looks featured this week.
  • Create your very own look inspired by the photos we have posted
  • Use the bonus accessory in your completed look
  • Create an outfit inspired by the bonus accessory

This is where the FRUGAL part comes in.  The looks you create must be made up from:

  • Garments/accessories you find at a thrift store/consignment store/yard sale/etc.
  • Garments/accessories you already own.
  • Garments/accessories you create.

You have until this Friday to recreate the outfit(s) and blog about them. Make sure to tell us where you found the pieces and how much (little) you spent on them. Don’t forget to add the button below to your blog post, and we would LOVE if you became a follower.

Come back to AquaSeventy6 on Friday to see how we have recreated the looks, as well.  You are invited to add the link to your blog post on our comments section and the following week we will feature our favorite looks on our site and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Don’t have a blog, but you still want to join in?  NO PROBLEM!!  Create your look, upload the photos to a share site (ie: Photobucket or you can pin your look to Pinterest) and add the link, as well as the purchase/cost details, in our comments section on Friday for a chance to have your look featured.  You may also email your look by clicking on the email tab in our sidebar and using the word “MONOCHROMATIC” in your subject line.




3 thoughts on “Fabulously Frugal Fall Fashion Challenge: The Monochromatic Challenge and Features

  1. I love these challenges! I didn't participate last time because I wanted to make a skirt to fit but didn't have time.

    I couldn't e-mail you back to your comment, but I have lived in France before. For some reason this year has been a bit harder. I am sure i will be fine, but as you know, it is tough to adjust sometimes. And then add another language! Thanks for the encouraging words!!


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