Skateboard Wall Art


My sweet boys. They love to create art and I just don’t give them enough opportunities to explore their creativity – especially when it comes to decorating!
These little guys have big design ideas for their room and in the past I have been known to brush them under the rug.  But this project was just too good to pass up. 
My husband ordered 10 blank, white skateboard decks from and we let the boys go wild with spray paint, stencils and the letters of their names.


They were so excited to hang the finished product in their room! Photobucket

How did that cutie slip in there?!
I have to admit…letting go of my control of how I want their room to look was refreshing! The project is personal and creative and it makes me so happy to walk in their room and see one-of-a-kind artwork!  Photobucket


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