Thrifted Chair Revamp

Yesterday I showed you what my $5 Goodwill find looked like when I brought her home. Oh, you don’t read the blog everyday?! Well then, I will show you once more.


Truth be told, I bought 2 of these chairs ($5 each) with the intention of doing a “His and Hers” set for my husband and I. But after the ups and downs of revamping this little lady I think I am going to need a break to recover from the hot glue burns and the back pain (from leaning over for hours).

All painful creative injuries aside, I think the end result was worth the rocky ride.


I have been pining for this fabric for months now. But I promised myself I would not buy any until
1. I had a project to use it for.
2. It was on sale.

Well the stars aligned and 1 + 2 = my new chair.


After taking the chair apart and removing the pleather (for the record there were about 6,325 staples holding that junk on) I started to wrap the metal frame in macrame cording. Seventy-five yards of macrame cording to be exact.

Then I covered the cushions in my rockin’ birdie fabric and used only 2,476 staples. Yay me!
The chair is the finishing touch to my little corner of the family room. I think it is the perfect compliment to my lamp and desk!


And I found the perfect use for another one of my vintage windows
sassy little wipe off board!

Frame: Western,Filter: Vintage,Snapbucket,Vignette: Sm. Black,Original



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