Clipboard Wall Art and Framed Thread Rack

I’ve arranged and rearranged the furniture in my office/studio/sewing room space about 15 times in the last year and a half.  I don’t know anything about feng shui, but something just wasn’t working for me.  I finally think I have it just the way I want it, so of course I needed to dress up the walls.

My first wall art project is a clipboard art collage.

These 6 inexpensive clipboards are from Amazon. I designed some printables with my favorite quotes and subway signs from my favorite cities to display on the clipboards.  I love the way they look, and what’s best is that I can update it is often as I want with new printables, photos, etc.

My next wall art project was super simple. I framed my thread rack!

My mother-in-law was giving away an old framed print of a bouquet of flowers.  The glass had broken ages ago, and the print was warped and scratched, but the frame still looked great!

I snatched it up right away, ditched the old print and painted it Annie Sloan Provence. It now hangs around my bare thread rack.

Here’s a peek into my sewing corner. The folding table on the left will be replaced at some point, and the wooden chair will be painted…eventually. But for now, this space suits me!



Flash Back in Blue

Speaking of drop leaf tables…my very first furniture revamp was a $6 score from Goodwill. I was with Yvette (ahh…the good ole days of living in the same city and rock bottom prices at Goodwill) and she forced me to buy the table. She pulled the tag and said “if you paint this and you hate it I will give you your $6 back…but I bet you are going to love it.”

This is what it looked like before me and 3 cans of spray paint got ahold of it.This is what it looked like after.

It’s nice to see how far I have come and the tricks techniques I have learned. But Yvette was right – I do love this piece!It is symbolic and fun and memorable.
It is currently serving as my sewing table until I find the one of my dreams.I also picked up a little mail sorter that day and optimized my spray paint purchase.

Having these projects around my home give it is a sense of soul and flavor.I wouldn’t have it any other way!