Quick and Easy Mason Jar Revamp

My husband loves to keep the powdered coffee creamer and sugar on the kitchen counter.  I can’t think of anything that annoys me more.  Maybe it’s because he keeps the brown sugar in an old Country Crock container, which, believe it or not, does nothing to enhance my sweet kitchen decor.

Hubs is an all-day coffee drinker, so no matter how often I put the U-G-L-Y containers in the pantry, they always find themselves back on the counter.  It’s an endless battle. 

Today, as I organized my studio (aka: the room I share with Hubs that houses both of our desks, my sewing table, and is constantly bombarded with kids and dogs), I noticed two unused mason jars and I got an idea!  I hot glued some left over fabric from yesterday’s dish towels onto the lids, glued the lid into the band and voila! Fab new creamer and sugar containers (and I don’t have to worry about ants crawling in like traditional sugar jars).

These lovelies can stay on the counter as forever as far as I’m concerned!

Notice the red counter top and green tile backsplash. *sigh*

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