Revamped Desk in Aubusson

I realize it is not cool to just post the “after” pictures without the “before,” BUT…
I left the thingy that takes the pictures from my camera and puts them on my computer in Florida! So until my dad mails it back to me, my project documentation is stuck on my camera. I guess that’s why they make camera phones. 🙂
I was too excited with the outcome – I had to share! This is my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint experience and I have to tell you to believe every single word of the hype! This stuff is a miracle potion for impatient/non-perfectionist types like me. 
I used Aubusson Blue and the clear wax. I pinky promise I will share the before pictures as well as the process when I have my camera thingy back.

For a beat-up desk I picked up at thrift, I think she turned out to be quite a beaute!


2 thoughts on “Revamped Desk in Aubusson

  1. It's FABULOUS!! We love to see before pictures also, but know the transformation is amazing!! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is truly amazing! Swing over to our website, and order your paint -FREE SHIPPING (limited time)!!! You can't beat that! We are followers and love to see the magic that is Annie's paint on everyone's projects!


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