A HUGE Score and a Mustachio Apron

I know it’s late!  Who blogs at 10 p.m.???  Ummm, I do!!

I spent the day doing some back-to-school shopping with the kiddos, thanks to a nice gift card my wonderful mother-in-law sent them.  Then I did one of my ALL TIME favorite things….I went thrifting! 

I didn’t exactly MEAN to buy anything.  I just walked into the shop to browse and kill time, and then I saw it. The sign.  It said “All clothing $1.”  Say WHAAATTTT?

I decided just to peek in the woman’s section. The first thing I found was a pair of gray Liz Claiborne dress slacks, in my size.  Right next to it a pair of taupe NY & Co dress slacks (also in my size!)  I found a couple of pencil skirts, a GORGEOUS button down black midi skirt, a beautiful navy Isaac Mizrahi dress, and a Simply Vera Wang top.

I was about to walk to the register when I saw a rolling rack with some newly placed items.  I found my daughter 3 cardigans, two from Gap and one from J. Crew.  My biggest find??  A pair of LIKE NEW Banana Republic jeans in hubby’s size.  Keep in mind, these are $1 each!  ONE DOLLAR!  My grand total??  $14…CHA-CHING!  That was less than what I spent on ONE long-sleeve hoodie for my son at Kohls!

I don’t have any pics of my score to share with you tonight. Half of the items are in the wash, and the other half are in a bag to go to the cleaners, but I will post some as soon as I can.

I’m not going to leave you with out any pics, though.  Here is one of 6 aprons I made for my friend who’s hosting a mustachio baby shower. 


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