Owl Print Kindle Case for Hannah

My friend was in need of a cute case for her daughter’s Kindle Fire.  By tweaking the dimensions of The Everything Pouch, and adding a strap and some fleece interfacing I came up with this:

Hannah loves owls, so I found this great print.

Full Disclosure:  This is not Hannah’s actual Kindle Case.  Her’s is in the mail.  This was an extra one I made for my own daughter who just fell head over heels for this fabric. (Too bad we don’t own a Kindle!)  Hannah, your case is a bit bigger!  🙂

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The Arts and Craftsy Owl

People often ask me what I “do”. It’s such a weird question to answer.  I usually just say that I own a business where I create handmade items and write for a blog that features those items (as well as some DIY, decor, and fashion stuff.)  That’s usually where I lose them.  People will then ask, “What kind of handmade items?  Like arts and craftsy stuff?”  Bless their hearts…

Am I the only one who HATES the term “arts and crafts”?  It makes me feel like I’m putting together items with Elmer’s Glue and construction paper.

Even so, I am crafty, and I like to think that what I do is some form of art, so I suppose “arts and crafts” isn’t too far beyond what I “do”.

Here is my newest work of arts and craft (warning: no fabric was cut in the creation of this piece!)

Owl Charm Fashion Necklace

I decided that as much as I love incorporating fabric into most of my pieces, there are times that I just want to wear something simple and understated.  This necklace is 18″ long and features a 1″ owl charm.  The perfect length for a scoop neck top or a button down blouse.

There will be more charm necklaces featured soon, so keep your eyes peeled my lovelies!

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