DIY Lampshade Pendant Light

I’ve been admiring the lampshade and drum pendant lights at my local home stores for months, but wasn’t thrilled at the idea of paying anywhere from $60-$200 for a light fixture. 

I decided that I would attempt to recreate my own version of a lampshade pendant, and I was able to do so for just $25!  (You may be able to do this for less if you already own a lampshade or scoop one up on sale.)

Here is how it turned out: 

All you need is a Mini Pendant Kit (I found mine at Home Depot for $14.97) and a lampshade with a harp fitter (the kind with the tiny hole instead of the big hole.)  I found mine at Ross for $9.99.

I loosened and removed the cord of the pendant kit from the base, and slipped the cord through the harp hole and then just reattached the cord to the base.  That’s it! 

Hubby then wired the kit to the ceiling and voila!  Complete!!

I decided to do this project in a day, so I didn’t go out searching for the most amazing lampshade. But, if I do find one I can’t live without, I will just have to bribe Hubby to take down the fixture so I can switch it out.  Hmmm….I don’t think that will be happening any time soon!

My dining room is still a work in progress, but isn’t every room?  Have a great weekend, friends!


DIY: Shabby Lamp Shade

I love me some fun lamps. However, I do not love those “fun” prices that come along with said lamps.
Lately, I have been browsing the plethora of adorable Franklin,TN antique shops and gathering a lot of inspiration. Among the treasures were tons of unique desk lamps – which is exactly what I needed to go with my revamped desk!

Well, these beautiful antique shop lamps were not in the ole budget,
so I had to get funky with my GW lamp.

As you may have noticed, I ripped off the stained fabric that was the lamp shade before I snapped my photo – but I am sure you can dig into your imagination to envision the before look.

Redoing the base was simple: Krylon spray paint in Almond.

For the shade, I had bigger plans (details to follow) that required a tad more elbow grease.


First, I sprayed the frame a light yellow. Next, I cut up some random fabric and burlap scraps, then tied them around the top and base of the lamp shade frame.


And now she lives happily on my desk!
I also love that I can rotate the shade to get a glimpse of different fabrics.
This was super simple and only took about an hour.