Nerdy 50s Girl {Putting a Twist on a Store Bought Halloween Costume}

As you saw in yesterday’s post, I can’t be happy with a store bought costume as is. We always add a little twist.  Today I present to you:

Nerdy 50’s Girl:

This is another one of those costumes I picked up on clearance at Target years ago. I was so surprised when my daughter chose this costume to wear for our church’s Trunk or Treat this year. The whole nerdy look was her idea, and I have to say, she rocks it!

She even swiped some of the masking tape from my DIY furniture projects to “nerdy up” her glasses!

Nerdy 50s Girl wears:

  • Black Chucks (Converse All Star hand me downs from her brother) Free(ish) retail at about $30
  • Nerdy glasses (old 3D movie theater glasses) Free — also used for Hipster Dorothy
  • White lace bike shorts (Target clearance) $4 — also used for Hipster Dorothy
  • Tall white socks (Target clearance) $2 — also used for Hipster Dorothy
  • 50s Girl costume (Target Clearance 2010) $3
  • Potential to be the next Kristen Wiig — Priceless!

Total cost to me: $9 (unless you count the shoes that I bought for my son in 2009 for about $30, and the hour’s worth of elbow grease it took me to make them look new again!)


Hipster Dorothy Costume {an ironic DIY}

We love us some Halloween here in La Casa de Aqua Seventy6!  So much so, that my daughter will be sporting not one but THREE costumes this year.  She does have three events to attend, after all! 😉

On the morning of Halloween, she will be attending her very last Storybook Parade at school.  When she was in Kindergarten she dressed as the Cowardly Lion, so she wanted to end her elementary school costume career as another character from The Wizard of Oz…with a slight twist.

Presenting: “Hipster Dorothy”

For years I stocked up on costumes when Target marked them down to 90% off.  I picked up this Dorothy costume in 2010 for about $3.  When we moved to VA the following summer, the box containing all of our costumes accidentally ended up in storage here in FL.  When we finally returned, I thought for sure that she would have outgrown all of the costumes, but she was just able to fit into a couple!

It’s hard to get an almost 11-year-old into red glittered maryjanes, so we gave this costume a little bit of a ironic twist.

Hipster Dorothy wears:

  • Red Chucks (these are faux Converse I ordered through Amazon) $11 with shipping
  • Ironic glasses with no lens (old 3D movie theater glasses) Free
  • White lace bike shorts (Target clearance) $4
  • Tall white socks (Target clearance) $2
  • Basket (thrift) 50 cents
  • Puppy (Gift) Free
  • Hair ribbons (Joann) $1
  • Dorothy costume (Target clearance 2010) $3
  • Attitude (hereditary)  Priceless

Total cost: $21.50 AND the shoes, socks and bike shorts are reusable.  You will see the shorts and socks again in tomorrow’s post!