Things I Will Not Hesitate To Eat During The Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve always been somewhat of a picky eater. However, I have recently found myself considering the edibility of certain items in the case of an emergency. I have decided that if and when the zombie apocalypse occurs, there are quite a few things I will eat without a second thought.

  1. The mysterious jar of pickled artichokes in my pantry.
  2. Leftover packages of ketchup from inside my car’s glove compartment.
  3. The gummy bears and cheerios stuck behind the couch’s seat cushion.
  4. My son’s pet goldfish.
  5. The macaroni necklace my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day.
  6. The cough drops I found in the pocket of my deceased grandpa’s suit jacket.
  7. The cinnamon Christmas ornaments I made in 1981.
  8. My daughter’s hermit crab.
  9. The homemade sugar scrub my neighbor gave me for my birthday.
  10. The 20-year-old gourmet popcorn from the tin I thought contained old high school love letters.


image via AMC


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