Welcome to my new site!

Hi friends!  After over 4 years, I decided to make the switch to wordpress. This means you can now access my blog, link to my social sites and shop at the AquaSeventy6 Etsy shop by simply typing in http://www.aquaseventy6.com!  My old site will stay up linking you over here indefinitely, as all of my marketing material (including my newest rubber stamp and business cards, all point to that address.

Hopefully, I will one day figure out a way to have my blogger address redirected to my wordpress.  I’m sure it’s probably super easy, but I’m currently cross-eyed just from making the switch. Until then, I will keep things as they are. The more Aqua the merrier, right?!

So, what’s different?

Other than the more streamlined look, there will be a slight change in content here at AquaSeventy6. While I will still post about my handmade goodies, fashion, and DIYs, I will also be sharing more personal essays, articles, and life stories. Writing has always been my first true love, and I’m thrilled to share more of it with you!

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years.  Many of you have been with me from my very first upcycle projects and furniture revamps in late 2010 to my most recent family life essays. If you’re new, I invite you to browse around!

I’m touched to see how what was started with a good friend and a plate of eggs benedict, has lasted so long and inspired so many. While I love to create, and appreciate the living I can make doing so, I also revel in the writing experience and can’t wait to bring more of that to you.




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