Warm Fuzzies

After a rough weekend, and waking up to a mile-long ‘to do’ list, my spirits were considerably brightened upon opening my inbox.

This first email was from a client from my weekend position as manager of an event venue:

“Hi Yvette,
I am sending a note to tell you thank you for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. Everything was so well organized and so beautiful. The girls and the parents loved every moment. Your services exceeded my expectations. I’m also appreciative for how gracious you were about the last-minute additions.
Most importantly, my daughter said how much I was the best mommy ever because of how happy she was with her birthday party.
You definitely have earned a customer for life. I will be coming back for your services soon. Thanks again for everything!”

Seriously!  How great was that?!  Later this afternoon I received a text from a friend who ordered some items for Teacher Appreciation Week:

“Just opened my package. Thanks! They are adorable!”

And, upon arriving home from picking my kids up from school I received this email:

“Yvette – THANK YOU so much for the beautiful wet bag and gift!  I was so excited to open my package and find a new small bag that I can use for my make up (and in a pattern that I love!), because I had just returned from a business trip and my current makeup bag came home with a hole in it.  Perfect timing!!!  You do beautiful work.  Thanks again!”

Oh, how it warms my heart to get these love notes! It also reminds me that one nice word can brighten someone’s entire day and I plan to pay it forward!



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