Spring Trunk Show 2013

Last month, some of my fellow small-business mamas and I came together for a spring trunk show. I had all of the best intentions for this event, but time ran simply away from me.  Before I knew it, it was the week of the show and I had very little inventory (YIKES!) 

Somehow, though, when everything was laid out, my table didn’t look as empty as I had feared. (Thank goodness!)  It was one of our smaller events, but it turned out lovely nonetheless.

My fabric necklaces were a hit this time around.  I find it so amusing how certain items sell out at one event and are completely overlooked at the next!  That’s why I have such a variety!!

I debuted some flannel burp cloths and those were popular as well.  I think I only returned home with only 2 burp cloths out of the 15 I brought.  The necktie applique burp cloths sold out!  ❤

Mustachio coin purses, anyone??

I adore getting together with these ladies!!  We have already started discussing a back-to-school event…keep your eyes peeled!



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