It’s been forever since my last post. If you were able to go through my saved drafts, you would see several long-winded explanations about how busy I’ve been and how difficult it is to write out of my mother-in-law’s house, or sew out of my mom’s house. But, those will have to wait for later.

I wanted to share with you a funny (now) and awkward (then) story of something that happened to me recently.

I was on my way to dinner with some friends when a photo text arrives of a mutual friend’s baby.  Friend #1 turns to me and says “I really don’t like this outfit” and hands me the phone to see the photo.  The baby in the picture was wearing an AquaSeventy6 necktie onesie!  I smiled and told her that I had made that outfit as a gift from my (very popular) line of Little Man Layette items.

Of course, she was embarrassed, and explained that she just didn’t like the fad of the neckties. “It’s ok!” I told her. “A lot of people do!” I’m not sure which one of us felt more uncomfortable that evening! Yikes! 😉

All is well, though, and I leave you with some photos of my favorite little men!


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