Fee Night, Speaking Spanish and Pencil Cases

Today I took my son to his 7th grade “fee night”, which is exactly what is sounds to be.  You look for your child’s homeroom on a list taped to the wall and wait in line with 30 other parents and students. When you finally meet the homeroom teacher, you hand her a wad of dough and  leave with a manilla folder full of forms and your child’s class schedule.  Fun times.

He’s got Spanish this year which is fantastico considering that according to his forms he’s “Hispanic/Latino” but doesn’t speak a word of it.  That is my fault, I know.  I started speaking to him solely in Spanish as a baby, but as soon as he started talking in English we just went with it. You don’t have to tell me how much I suck.  I hear enough about it from my parents, in-laws and grandparents.

Speaking of back-to-school, I wanted to share some super cute pencil cases I’ve been designing.

This Mustachio Pencil case is for my daughter’s friend “A”.  She’s all about the ‘stache, so her mom thought this would be perfect for her 4th grade year.

My friend’s son “C” is LOVE the Redskins, and wanted a pencil case with the ‘Skins as well as some other NFL teams.  I lucked out to find this print!  It pretty much rocks.

Now this is one of my FAVORITE pencil pouches, because it’s going to be used by my friend Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode as a cosmetics case.  I adore this fabric and I am happy that she was my very first client to choose it!

Pencil cases are lined in vinyl and measure approximately 11″x4.5″.  Email me for more info.

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