Bohemian Headscarf

You’ve seen them on everyone from Nicole Richie to SJP.  Now AquaSeventy6 is going to help you rock out the Boho Headscarf.

My friend Jasmine custom ordered some elastic headbands from my collection.  But after breaking three needles and being on the verge of homicide I decided that now was probably a good time to discontinue the line. (Confession:  Every time I would get an order for an elastic headband I literally had to coax myself to get behind the machine. If it wasn’t a broken needle, it was tangled thread.   I will probably re-imagine them with an easier to sew elastic, but for now they are history.)

After profusely apologizing, I asked Jas if she had anything else in mind, and she wondered if I could make her a bohemian headscarf.   I had never made a head scarf before, but I was super pumped for the challenge, and I’m thrilled with the way it turned out!

I pleated the part that goes on the head and left the ends loose.  I then stitched it across in sections for a quilted look.

I would have loved to have shown you some different looks with this head scarf, but alas, it is 102 degrees here today, and I had to run inside before dying of a heatstroke!  Not to mention that I was still sporting bedhead and morning face…thanks to Picmonkey’s airbrush tool for helping me look less like the undead.  😉

If you like what you see, and want to place an order, email at the link above or “like” my my Facebook page for more details!

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