Neck Tie Burp Cloths

Can you believe that at the tender age of twenty-sixteen, I am going to be a great-aunt (for the second and third time!)  My nephew (who is only 11 years younger than me) is expecting twins soon.  He’s already given me the most adorable grand-nephew any tia could ever have, and now twins!!

Because we are so far away, I wanted to give my new grand-nephews something handmade to let them know that their Tia Yvey loves them so much, and is always thinking of them.

Here is my very first handmade baby item for the twins.

I’ve been buying fabric for the boys’ gifts for weeks, and I had a couple of free hours yesterday afternoon, so I whipped up these little goodies.  I think they are totally adorable (and I hope my nephews think so, too!)

I added two tie appliques to each burp cloth.  I think this argyle print is so perfect!

I will be adding more of my handmade items for the twins soon.  In the meantime, if you like what you see, and want to place an order, email at the link above or “like” my my Facebook page for more details!

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