Vinyl Lined "Wet Bags"

Hi!  Remember me?  Sorry I’ve been such a slacker here on the blog!  I am going to be a vendor at a local Ladies Night event a week from today and I’ve been so busy creating inventory.

I was trying to be creative and come up with a new item that I thought would be popular among the local families who are super into swim team and hanging out at the pool.  What was born was the Wet Bag.

These 9″ x 12″ zippered pouches are lined in vinyl and are perfect for storing damp swimsuits on the way home from the pool or beach!  They can also be used for wet accidents during potty training and keeping wet or sticky bibs or burp cloths contained in your diaper bag. Just wipe down the inside and let them air dry! 

I love that they are soft and pliable. They easily roll up to fit in a beach bag, diaper bag, your child’s backpack, sports bag or your purse. 

I knew that they would be a hit as soon as I made the first one, BUT I didn’t realize how popular they would become as baby shower gifts.  Just after posting the preview on my Facebook page, I got three orders for Wet Bags for babies!

My favorite feedback so far has been, “These will be my go-to baby shower gift from now on!”  Yay!!!

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