Boho Passport Bag

The first time I’d ever flown out of the country was on my honeymoon.  This was back in the day when you could enter and exit the Caribbean with just your driver’s license and birth certificate.  Even though Hubs didn’t have one, I already had a passport, and I was in charge of keeping all of our identifying documents safe.

I remember my parents using an old zippered pouch that they got at their bank while traveling.  I was given a similar one at my first gyno appointment (it was purple and originally held all sorts of woman’s health information), so of course, that became our “passport case” for the next 10 or so years.  I’m pretty sure Hubs never knew it was a gyno bag.

I stopped using the purple bag a couple of years ago because it simply was too big and bulky to comfortably fit in my purse. My need for a passport pouch wasn’t eliminated, though, and I ended up using a plastic baggie to hold our passports on our trip to Rome. Blah!

It finally dawned on me (too late) that I could have used an Everything Pouch!  The idea stuck, but it wasn’t until I came across a fantastic fabric this weekend that it came to fruition.

Introducing the Boho Passport Bag:

I tweaked the dimensions of the Everything Pouch, so that it was big enough to hold a few (at least 4 or 5) passports, but small enough to fit comfortably in your purse or briefcase.  Those of us who bring carry-on luggage know that it is hard enough to squeeze your purse underneath the seat, so this guy is nice and flat to take up little space.

I love the vintage postmarks on the fabric, as well as the color!

I lined the inside with a fabric in coordinating colors.  I think it came out so super cute!  What do you think?

To order your own Boho Passport Bag email me using the link above or message me on my Facebook Timeline!

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One thought on “Boho Passport Bag

  1. I love this!!! Love that fabric!!! Since I travel quite a lot, I've been wanting to make a little bag to keep all my traveling stuff in, this is really cute! Thanks for the inspiration!


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