Yesterday my daughter had her spring portraits at school. She’s pretty adventurous with her wardrobe (although you wouldn’t know it since moving to VA—the kid lives in sweatshirts and skinny jeans!)  But, we are both yearning for warmer temperatures, so we decided to conjure up some spring with a lemon-lime inspired outfit.

Guess what?!  It worked!  We got a high of 73!  (Let’s not discuss the pending flurries on Monday!)

I must confess, the Polyvore set came AFTER we put together the actual outfit, but it was such a cute combination of colors, I think anyone can pull it off this spring!

I used a left over bead from Turquoise and Coral for her necklace and set it on a copper colored chain.

Unfortunately it’s back down in 50s again today and all that up and down has gotten the best of us.  The kiddos (and mommy) are under the weather today and staying home from school. 



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