Kisses and Summer News

I hope you are all enjoying your Valentine’s Day!  I’m sorry that it’s been a few days since my last post, but I have been working hard on a couple of new projects as well as listing some items in my shop.

My friend emailed me a couple of weeks ago with a list of summer activities she already had set up for her kids.  My first reaction was “SUMMER?!?”  We hadn’t even seen a snow flake, yet! But as I started to contemplate the next few months, I realized that summer really IS right around the corner.

June will mark ONE YEAR (can you believe it?) that we’ve lived here in Virginia.  Last summer was a roller coaster, to say the least.  The moving trucks arrived the same day that the kids got out of school, and the next day I was on an 800 mile journey to start a brand new life.  It was a very tough transition for us, and even though we did our best to give our kids an awesome summer, I feel as though my heart wasn’t 100% into it. 

I decided that this summer would be different, and this is what it means to you, my friends, readers and clients:

For the next three months, I am going to do my best to create my little fingers off.  There is a spring trunk show in the works, and I will be filling my shop as quickly as possible.

Once the kiddos are out of school, I will only be working on special order items.  I will still be blogging and updating my Facebook and Twitter pages with personal DIY projects, handmade gifts, and crafts, but the shop will likely not have any new items until the fall.

My goal is to completely immerse myself in the summertime.  I am looking forward to hanging out with some new friends by the pool, read lots of trashy magazines, and catch up with the stacks of books on my nightstand.

Now that we have summer on the brain, let me bring you back to my current reality.  Here are some pics from this weekend’s first snow fall:

The kids were so stoked!
Don’t hate on the face.  It was the middle of the day and we were all still in our PJs.
I promise I looked much better after showering and putting on some make up!



One thought on “Kisses and Summer News

  1. I can't even think about Summer! Summer to me, means changing diapers, midnight feedings and crying infants 😦 I'm scared!! I want to immerse myself in YOUR summer plans 🙂


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