Colorful Checkbook Covers

In the age of online bill pay and debit cards, our poor checkbooks barely see the light of day.  (Remember your first set of checks?  Mine were “Precious Moments”!)  Even though a box of checks lasts me longer than the calendar on the back of the register book, I wanted to give my checkbook a little “sprucing up”.   I made myself a cute little checkbook cover and lo and behold, other people liked it!

It turns out that I am not the only one who still carries my checkbook on me at all times “just in case”.  Just in case, what?  I don’t know…just in case I leave my debit card in my other jeans after using it to pump gas the day prior (this has happened to me more than once!)  Just in case the credit card machine is down at the grocery store.  Just in case my kids remind me as I am dropping them off that field trip money is due TODAY! 

So here are some of the checkbook covers I have designed.  These will be at our trunk shows, but you can always order by clicking on the email tab on our sidebar.

For pricing information, visit our Facebook page. 

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4 thoughts on “Colorful Checkbook Covers

  1. So cute! If I could *find* my checkbook, I'd love to be able to give it a cute cover. There have been times when having a checkbook nearby would have been very handy. 🙂


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