As much as I love my children, I don’t love their mess everywhere. I have struggled with allowing all things child into my home. I like to keep my house a certain way and the piles of Matchbox cars and mounds of dinosaurs don’t fit into my idea of a cute little home.But I am letting go…and I am learning to blend.

Finding ways to bring their things into common areas – and not just their room – makes me happy and them proud. It saddens me that I have been so uptight about my house in the past.
Snapbucket,Original,Filter: Vintage,Vignette: Small Black,Frame: Round White

I let them put their mini pumpkin on my vintage scale, and let them weigh cars on it too.Giving in to the things that use to make me crack has freed up our home (and my mind) to be a more creative and fun place.

And the gourds in the basket? All them. Looks like their design eye may be keener than I thought!
Snapbucket,Original,Vignette: Rough Black,Effect: Orange Lights,Filter: Lomoish

But there are still plenty bursts of pretty here and there for mama; even if it is just a coffee mug. It’s the little things.  


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