Affordable Sheets Become Dream Curtains

When we decided to move to Virginia, one of the things that I knew we would miss the most is the short drive to the beautiful Florida beaches.  As I set out to decorate my children’s new bathroom, I found a sweet frame that summarized my personal feelings about the beach: Sand between your toes, waves crashing, sunsets…it doesn’t get much better than this.

I was lucky enough to find matching towels and a bath rug, but what the bathroom really needed were curtains.  I scoured the fabric stores, but nothing stood out.  It wasn’t until one afternoon perusing Ross that I found a sheet set with the perfect pattern and color to match the bathroom.

So this…

Became this…

A perfect compliment to my beachy bathroom-in-progress.

What makes this even sweeter?  These microfiber sheets cost just $12.99.  I only used the flat sheet for these curtains so I still have a fitted sheet and two pillow cases to use for future projects!



17 thoughts on “Affordable Sheets Become Dream Curtains

  1. To make the pocket for the rod, I made a 4 inch fold and sewed 2 seams. The first was along the bottom of the fold, and the other was 2 inches above the first seam. That left about 2 inches for the rod to slip through and 2 inches for a top ruffle. HTH! Thanks for reading and we hope you become a follower!


  2. These turned out fantabulous! Love the idea to use the extra fabric for towel accents. Another idea: basket liners. You've got some skills!!


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