Two Gifts and Preview

I love a good parade. On Saturday, the rodeo parade came right in front of our house! (Would have been nice if I took a picture.) It was the perfect way to kick-off my weekend. The weather was dreary all weekend, which was the perfect excuse to catch-up on some gifts and an order.

I had an image of this wall hanging in my mind for a while. As you know, my Aqua Seventy6 partner in crime, Yvette, has a daughter who is preparing to decorate her new bedroom. I wanted to make her something special because “J” is one remarkable young lady! I chose the latin “Alis Volat Propiis” which means, “She flies with her own wings.” Perfect for this amazing gal!


This week is the last day of school for my boys. I needed some gifts for their teacher – and one that would not break the bank. I decided to shrink down the pattern for my camera case and make a little lipstick pouch. Of course, I bought a few cute glosses to toss inside  – cause girlfriend likes a good shellacked kisser! I hope they enjoy!

I love making things for other people. I truly do think of them the whole time I am working and try my hardest to send the love! My dear friend, Heather, contacted me with an order and somehow when it was all said and done I had talked her into buying 4 items!


This is what she originally wanted: a summer bag that could travel to the pool, the beach, folk dance festivals and dock watch. That brown fabric on the sides are some serious deep pockets! And as you can see, this bag is so big it can even fit a T-Rex quite comfortably!

Heather couldn’t resist the Fun Floral Apron and added that to her order as well. I just couldn’t let her get that apron without letting me whip up two adorable coordinating mini-aprons for her two little minis! Her daughters are going to look so cute in these!


Truth be told, both of the girls’ aprons are different but I had to leave something to the imagination. SO Heather, you will just have to hold your horses and wait to see what the other apron looks like upon arrival!

PS- Big shout out to my little Easton for modeling! My boy can rock a floral print.


2 thoughts on “Two Gifts and Preview

  1. Oh my goodness Easton in the apron rocks!! Great idea for the teachers! That tote pattern is awesome, I'm totally into the curved pockets. I've been trying to incorporate those more latey so we are thinking alike ;). Gorgeous!!!Sweet “J” sure is a special girl. I hope Yvette posts what the room look likes when it is all completed! Love it all honey- you have an amazing eye!!!


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