Blossom and Poppy


This poor, neglected blog has been crying out to me. Begging for some love…just a short post, a picture, anything! It’s not that I don’t love her, it’s just that I’ve been a little busy with my move and my computer situation has not been that rad.

Now, while my computer may not have been running as much as it used to, my sewing machine has been running on overdrive! My amazing friend, Mary has started up an online boutique called
Blossom and Poppy,
and will be carrying items crafted by Aqua Seventy6 – So exiting!!

I have had such a blast whipping up lots of goodies for her. It has been a very inspiring experience…and a very messy one.

For now I will keep the finished products a surprise until the official launch of her website at the end of the month. But just as a preview, here are some of the lovely little camera cases that will be available for purchase.




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