Sassy Owls

There is something addicting about making baby items. Maybe it is the idea of a new life bursting into the world or the way a parent feels when they see their new little one for the first time or the thought that they are so tiny and innocent and perfect. It is possibly a combination of all the above. Regardless, I like making baby and kid things the mostest.

So you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I found out my dear friend (and neighbor) was preggers. Oh the ideas that rushed into my head! A few days back I said to her, “I am going to have to accept that there will come a time when you look at me and say, ‘it’s time to stop’ because I want to make everything under the sun for your precious baby!” She just threw her head back and laughed but I really don’t think she understands how many plans I have for projects!

So here it the first completed Sassy Owl for her baby girl’s room.


I loved it so much I started working on another one. Here is a sneak peek…she’s only about half completed.


You may notice a small thing I have become obsessed with: pinwheels! Easy to make, just a tad time consuming but so freakin’ cute they’re worth it! Anyone interested in a pinwheel tutorial?

These owls will be available for purchase on the shop (which is soon to be launched) for $22 -$30 depending on size and style.



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