On vacation

Hi friends!  Spring break starts tomorrow afternoon. I have closed the shop and discontinued taking new orders through March 24. I will be spending some much needed time with my family, so any emails/DMs/PMs or new order requests received during this time will be replied to after the shop reopens on March 24.

Thank you for your understanding.

I do plan to continue to post on IG, so if you haven’t already, click the icon on my sidebar and become a follower.

spring break

I’m off to make some family memories!


Hip Baby {Cotton and Fleece Burp Cloths}

Babies, babies, everywhere!

It seems like every few months a new baby is born in my family.  At this moment I am expecting 2 nieces or nephews (or one of each!), and two cousins. A friend just delivered her new baby girl and I have friends all over Facebook and Instagram announcing their surprise pregnancies….apparently 39 is the new 29!  I’d better watch out!

Even though it’s been 12 years since I had my last baby, I can remember clearly the one item I had to have on me at ALL TIMES.  Burp cloths!  I probably went through 5 or 6 burpies everyday.  I always had one (or 4) in my diaper bag, in the carseat, in the stroller, in the bouncy, in the swing, in my purse, on the changing table, in the crib, on my shoulder, and on my nightstand.  Seriously, I had them everywhere!


The last thing I wanted was to mop up baby puke with my tee shirt or sweater sleeve (although that did happen on more than one occasion.)

So when the second family baby boom started (the first was in the year 2000), I wanted to come up with a gift that was practical, useful, cute (and they wouldn’t outgrow in 4 weeks).

Check out my newest Cotton and Fleece Burp Cloths — for the hip baby!

burp7If you’re going to carry around a million burp cloths, why not make them cute??  These burp cloths are made from soft quilting cotton and the softest fleece.  burp2They are machine washable and they roll or fold up easily to fit anywhere.

You can choose from countless prints.  If you don’t see something you like, let me know what you are looking for. I can visit my fabric sources and find the right print for your hip baby.

Burp cloths measure approximately 8″ x 16″.

These burpies have been a hit with the new mommies in my life!  They make a great baby shower or new mommy present and I can even make other layette items to match.

burp5 burp6Click on my Shop tab above to place a custom order, or email me with any questions about prints or customization.

Burp3 Burp1


40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I’ve kind of strayed away from Lent over the last few years. I can’t remember the last time I received ashes or gave anything up. I went through some difficult times and reasoned with myself that I had sacrificed enough for one year.

But, today I woke up feeling differently.  I want to actively participate in the Lenten Season again.  Not just by fasting or giving up my favorite treat, but by doing something to better my life and the lives of those around me.

I already actively volunteer with a great charity, so taking on additional volunteer duties would only be a hindrance to my home, work and the charity that depends on the little free time that I do have.

I started researching other ways to challenge myself this Lent and discovered the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge by White House Black Shutters.  This challenge is about removing 40 bags of unwanted, unneeded, unused and unnecessary items from our homes. It’s about decluttering, donating to the less fortunate and making our lives simpler– and it coincides with the 40 days of Lent.


White House Black Shutters has been hosting this challenge since 2011 and has it all broken down for you.  From a printable, to suggestions of where and how to declutter, and even what to do with all the stuff.  This is EXACTLY what I need.

Ash Wednesday is the perfect time to start this challenge! To me, going through my clutter is a reminder of all that God has blessed me with.  To see piles of unused or unwanted items makes my heart ache and that guilt will help me fight the urge to shop impulsively and unnecessarily. To give items to others who need them will make my heart full. To have an orderly home will bring me peace.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end, if I complete the challenge, it will make for a happier, healthier home.

Want to join me in the challenge?  Pop on over to White House Black Shutters for all the details!

Missing: Reward!

Saturday I spent the day volunteering at the 3rd Annual A Magic Cure Benefit at the Ritz Ybor (a historic theater built in 1917, which to my contemporaries is best known as the dance club Masquerade from the mid-90s) hosted by Lawrence A. Martucci Benefit Corp.  Many of you may already know that I am the Marketing Chair of this fabulous charity. We are 100% volunteer based and raise money to help fund research on pediatric cancer PREVENTION.  It’s pretty rad.

Somehow, in the 14 hours from set-up, to showtime, to take-down, I lost my MOST FAVORITIST SWEATER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER AND EVER.

MISSINGSWEATERI wasn’t sure that I had even brought it down from the car, but I must have hung it up with my change of clothes in the ladies bathroom and left it there. I contacted the theater, as well as my fellow committee members, and no one has seen my precious missing sweater.  Boo.

The only other thing I can think of is that I dropped it on the way from the parking garage to the theater, in which case a hundred-year-old hobo with 3 teeth is rocking my sweet threads.  I guess that makes me feel a little better.

If you see my missing sweater, please contact me. Your reward is a shout out and a bag of peanut M&Ms.

FULL DISCLAIMER: Missing sweater cost me $3 on clearance at Target.  But– this does not diminish its awesomeness.  In fact, I believe it increases its overall value.

Ikat Pillow Love

I love working with decor weight fabrics.  They are so sturdy and durable…seriously, my favorite stuff!  I got a chance to make some pillow covers this week with some lovely home dec prints and I just wanted to share them with you!


Both of my clients chose these amazing ikat prints!

The multi-color set will brighten up any room! They are perfect for leather couches or a solid red, blue, ecru or gold sofa.

This print would look fabulous as a set of curtain panels or a table runner. ❤

This navy ikat is great for when you want to decorate with a darker hue but would like to give it a little pop!

pillow5-1This print would also make a beautiful set of curtain panels, and thick enough to filter light out of your bedroom.

If you are interested in a custom pillow cover in these or your choice of fabrics, click on the shop tab and send me a message!

Confessions of a Terrible Facebooker

Every once in awhile I come across an online post that leaves me utterly dumbfounded. Like the day a friend announced the birth of her newborn baby—Wait!  She was pregnant? Or the time a cousin posted pictures of a recent vacation with his girlfriend—umm, where’s his wife?!

Most of the time, especially in the case of a divorce or death in the family, the news was never formally announced online. So unless my friend and I keep in regular contact, it may not be something I would have known.

However, more and more often, I realize that I just don’t pay enough attention to what goes on in my social media circles anymore.  I tend to scroll way more than I stop and read, and oftentimes I log in just to update my business page and skip my personal one altogether.  Oh, but why, Yvette, WHY?!?! you ask? 😉


Please!  No more sad vague-booking.  It’s the online equivalent of a loud sigh.  “Look at me!” it says.  “Ask me what’s wrong!”  How about you tell us what’s wrong and surely many of us will take time to give you advice or offer a helping hand.

“Here we go again…” is not just your most recent status update, it’s what we all say when we read it.

Also, no more “I’m too good to tell you what I’m currently doing, but I will post a not-so-ambiguous picture so you can sort of figure it out, but still have to ask me to know for sure. “ insta-vaguing, either.

If you want to interact with others, it makes zero sense to be all weird and secretive.

Quotes (and quotes, and more quotes)…


OMG, seriously.  Does it have to be 13 stanzas, too?  Ain’t nobody got time to read the Iliad and the Odyssey while scrolling FB or IG.  And, please, stop sharing 47 quotes per day in the hopes that someone on your feed will “get the hint”.

One quote: motivational.  Fifty quotes: You’ve got too much time on your hands.

P.S. you really won’t die if you don’t share the quote about loving your kid. There is no FB grim reaper who keeps track of these things. Your kid is probably not even online to see it, and if he is, the last thing he wants is to be tagged in one of those posts.

If you really like quotes, be like me and get a Pinterest account that way you can pin them to your hearts desire.

•     •     •     •

So, lately I miss a lot. I miss that a friend’s daughter is in the hospital. I miss that my cousin got a new job. I miss that my friend posted a new blog, or got a new haircut, or is celebrating an anniversary.

It makes me sad because I want to celebrate or commiserate with my friends.  I don’t want to see 9 months from now that I missed congratulating you on your pregnancy, or find out your grandma passed after several weeks in the hospital because I missed the post.

To all of my friends whose important life events have gone seemingly overlooked, I apologize.  I’m just a terrible Facebooker.

I can’t live without: My Wrist Strap Key Ring

I know I’ve talked about these a million, bajillion times over the last 4 years, but they have been a life saver for me.


I made my first Wrist Strap Key Ring right before the holidays as I remembered my mom being the victim of a purse snatching years before.

A few months later, I was walking to my car in a dark parking lot holding a couple of grocery bags.  I was using Hub’s car and was holding his keys in my hand when I left the store. Somehow, in my rush to get to the car, I unknowingly dropped the keys into one of the bags.

My heart stopped when I realized they were missing. I dug around my purse, figuring I may have just thought I’d been holding them.  I walked all the way back into the store and asked if I’d left them on the counter. Hubs was out of town, we were living in a new town and no one else had a spare key.  Finally, after a mini panic attack, I checked in my grocery bags and there they were!

c929f-keyrings1This would never have happened to me if I’d had them on my wrist!!  Too bad Hubs still won’t let me make him his very own Wrist Strap Key Ring!

I love how my current key ring is so bright and cheery that I have no trouble spotting my keys in the abyss that is my purse. I always have my hands free to hold my phone, purse, shopping bags, etc.

They make fabulous and affordable gifts and you can customize them to fit your personality. They are my best seller during Teacher Appreciation Week!  (I’m pretty sure most teachers in the Tampa Bay area have been gifted one at some point!)

For more information or to place a custom order visit my Shop tab.  For some in-stock, ready to ship options visit my Etsy Shop.

Get to Know Me {you know you want to}

My bloggy friend Tanya at Kreative Korner asked me to join her in a little “get to know you” exercise.  I decided to take her up on the offer and share my answers with you all.  Enjoy!


1. What are you wearing?

2. Ever been in love?
Every single day of my life.

3. Ever had a terrible break-up?
Yes, in the 7 years that Hubs and I dated we had a couple of break-ups, the second one (4 years in) was the worst.


4. How tall are you?

5. How much do you weigh?
YIKES…the answer to this depends on the day.  Let’s say somewhere in the 130s.

6. Any tattoos?

7. Any piercings?
Two in each ear.  Occasionally I punch through my second holes just to make sure they stay pierced, but I only wear earrings in my original ear piercings.

8. OTP (One true pair, favorite fictional couple?)
It’s a toss up between Eleanor & Park and Glenn & Maggie.

9. Favorite Show?
Again a toss up: The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, and Parenthood (watching on Netflix, no spoilers, please!)

10. Favorite Bands?
Counting Crows, Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers

11. Something you miss?
I miss my kids being little, but I love them as tween/teenagers. I miss my parents being married. I miss not needing to color my hair. I miss being able to park in my garage.

12. Favorite Song?
At this very moment it’s Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Ask me 3 weeks from now and it will be something different.

13. How old are you?
I just turned 39 last week. (39 is the new 29!)

14. Zodiac sign?

15. Favorite Quality in a Partner?
Admitting when he’s wrong, and accepting my apology when I am.

16. Favorite Quote?
A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” — Zen Shin
Good fences make good neighbors.” –Robert FrostAquaSeventy6-4

17. Favorite Actor?
Kristen Wiig

18. Favorite Color?
I love gray, aqua, and black and white together (stripes, dots, graphic tee)

19. Loud music or soft?
Soft if it’s background music, loud if it’s booty music in the car with my kids. 😉

20. Where do you go when you are sad?
I usually take a long shower or watch TV in bed.

21. How long does it take you to shower?
Wait?! Did you anticipate my answer to #20? It takes me about 10 minutes, unless I’m home alone or everyone is in bed and then it’s usually until the hot water runs out.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
If I’m just dropping off the kids and returning home, about 5 minutes. If I have to go out, between 30-45 mins.

23. Ever been in a physical fight?
I think I was in 6th or 7th grade. It was a hair pulling fight.

24. Turn on?
A good sense of humor and an active listener.

25. Turn-off?
People who try to call others out or embarrass them. Dishonesty.

26. The reason I started blogging?
Because I love writing, sharing my thoughts and creative process. Because I am painfully introverted at times and it was a good way for others to get to know me. To have digital evidence of my creative and intellectual property.

27. Fears?
Something terrible happening to my kids, husband or other family members. The zombie apocalypse. Aliens.

28. Last thing that made you cry?
An episode of Parenthood.

29. Last time you said you loved someone?
Every time I pass one of my kids in the hallway.

30. Meaning behind the name of your blog (AquaSeventy6)?
I am an Aquarius born in 1976.

31. Last book you read?
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

32. Book you are currently reading?
None. I actually was planning to look for a new audiobook tonight.

33. Last show you watched?
Just finished binge-watching American Horror Story: Freakshow.

34. Last person you talked to?
My husband.

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
I’m his mother.AquaSeventy6-3

36. Favorite food?
So many! I really like a good steak–medium rare.

37. Place you want to visit?

38. Last place you were?
In the living room eating dinner on the couch with Hubs.

39. Do you have a crush?
Katy Perry’s LaDuca booties

40. Last time you kissed someone?
Kids when I picked them up from school. Hubs when he got home from work.

41. Last time you were insulted?
Recently. It wasn’t a direct insult but a series of insulting actions.

42. Favorite flavor of sweet?
I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do like sweet mixed with salty.

43. What instruments do you play?

44. Favorite piece of jewelry?
My wedding ring, my watch and my Ezra Necklace

45. Last sport you played?
I played a little football and soccer yesterday. (ie: I tossed the football with my son and then kicked a soccer ball with my nephew.) Before that? Hitting a golf ball at Top Golf a month ago.

46. Last song you sang?
Lose Control by Missy Elliot

47. Favorite chat up line?
Any conversation that doesn’t include the word ma’am.

48. Have you ever used it?
No, I call women ma’am all the time. 🙂

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?
Last night watching football with the cousins.

50. Who should answer these questions next?
Hmmm, this is tough because a lot of my bloggy buddies already have their posts pre-planned, but I’ll call out Autumn at Fun Life*Happy Life and see if she’s game!

Calamity and a Few Kind Words

A bit of calamity is common in my life. It’s a daily occurrence for me to bruise my hip bumping into the corner of the bed or bang my knee on a coffee table.  My poor fingers have it the worst.  I’ve sewn through one, completely closed a car door on another.

I was having a typical nutty day. I’d just sliced the top of my index finger when I got it caught in a junk drawer, my dogs wouldn’t stop barking at some workmen next door, and I had spent the last 20 minutes spraying Formula 409 on, and trying to sweep out, the hugest and oldest palmetto bug (Florida cockroach) I’d ever seen–which I’d found in said junk drawer–while shrieking like a banshee with each sweep of the broom.

I finally got the demon beast out of my house and realized that I had to leave right at that moment to pick up my kids from school.  I’d accomplished NOTHING that I’d set out to do that morning. My plans were thrwarted early on when Hubs left me a letter to send certified mail, a check to deposit, and a reminder that we were all out of something (string cheese? milk? OJ?) so I had to stop at the grocery store, too.

I was frustrated and in pain when I pulled up to my son’s school. The whole way there I was cursing (cussin’) under my breath about how I should just STOP: stop writing, stop creating, stop running my business. STOP.  What was the point, anyway? (boo-hoo, woe is me–I know.)  I had 5 minutes until the bell rang and I opened my email ready to clean out a day’s worth of SPAM, when I saw this in my inbox:

To: aquaseventy6
From: christiejean17

Hey Yvette! I don’t know if you really remember me. But I used to blog over at  Ma Nouvelle Mode for awhile. I dropped out of that blog because my son Bennet was born with a severe heart defect. He had 2 open heart surgeries, one diaphragm surgery and 3 stomach surgeries all before the age of 5 months old. He was 100% gtube fed (through a tube directly to his stomach) for 18 months.

I have been wanting to reach out to you because you have no idea how much your wet bags saved my life during those early months of Bennet’s life. We had to keep syringes for meds and feeds and all sorts of strange things with us at all times. Sometimes these items became pretty messy – I won’t go into detail 🙂 Anyways, i carried two of your chevron wet bags with me at all times! I just wanted you to know how God used your products to bless me during a really really difficult time. 

I just started my own blog called A Beautiful Window 🙂 I would love to keep in touch. God bless- Christie

kidsAn overwhelming feeling came over me. I was touched beyond words–both happy and proud that something I made with my own two hands helped a person across the country during a difficult time, and selfish and petty for being upset that I couldn’t get to my “business to do list” because I had to tackle my “family to do list”.  A list that including picking up my healthy children from school and running errands for the love of my life. What a jerk I am.

Thank you Christie for your email.  Thank you for reminding that sometimes our plans change, priorities shift, and that all it takes is a few kind words to put things back into place.

cropped-abeautifulwindowheader_tag61To learn more about Christie, Bennet and their family visit A Beautiful Window.

Fold-Over Clutch 2015

You may have noticed me carrying a sweet new bag in my last post.  That is the 2015 version of the AquaSeventy6 Fold-Over Clutch.  First launched in Spring 2012, the new versions feature a faux-leather bottom and thicker interfacing for more sturdiness. cluchThere are so many ways to create and style these bags!  They will go with you from season to season!


So many options….

I love the monochromatic black, whites, and grays! I can’t resist adding a pop of pink to a solid gray bag, or one with hints of brown.

Graphic prints will pair up adorably with your little black dress.

If you’re like me and want a bag that will go with everything, you can pair up a brown faux leather with a black and white monochrome fabric.  That is my FAVORITE!


There are countless combinations of faux-leathers and fabrics which means that each and every clutch is unique!

There are currently a some ready-to-ship Fold-Over Clutches in my shop, or you can email me to place a custom order!

Clutches start at $24.