Bunting iPhone Sleeve

I had some left over pennants from Tuesday’s iPad 2 Sleeve project, so I decided to make a mini version for my iPhone:

I made it big enough to fit my iPhone in its hard case and added fusible fleece for extra protection.

 I don’t think I mentioned last time that the fabric I used for the exterior was a drop cloth!

One fat quarter was enough for both projects and I had enough scraps left to make a lot more pennants for any future bunting projects.

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Anthro Knock-Off: Scrappy Scarf Necklace

Remember this Anthropologie Scarf Necklace from our Monochromatic Challenge?


$148 was just a little too much for me to spend (apparently it wasn’t too much for others because the necklace has since sold out!) on an accessory, so I attempted to whip up my own version using scrap fabric.  Here is what I came up with:

I loved ripping strips of fabric and piecing together scraps for the scrappy version of the original!

Twisting the fabric gave it a whole new look!
I went a little crazy and made 4 necklaces (two of which we immediately claimed by my friend Marcy from K.a.i-y.a.)
I thought this twisted stacked looked was awesome for the winter!

This was a really fun way to make my scrap bin into something trendy for the fall!  What do you think?

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