End of the Year Teacher’s Gift

I can almost hear the choirs of angels singing…only a day and a half left of the 2011-2012 school year! Since we’re from Florida, we are used to being out for the summer by now, so this extra week of school is cutting into our pool time!

The end of the school year comes with many expenses.  Teachers request donations for the seemingly endless class parties,  in our case, we have to renew our car registrations, pass inspections, etc.  We are planning a road trip to Florida to visit family, and this year the last day of school is just two days before Father’s Day!  Funds are spread quite thin–like breath strip thin.  One extra drop and our budget will disintegrate.

Even so, my daughter’s teacher has worked so hard for her this year, from the classroom, to being her home bound instructor when my daughter was in a wheelchair with a broken leg, that she deserved a token of our appreciation.

I let my daughter choose a charm necklace and a keyring from my shop, but I wanted to make a fun little gift that incorporated on of Ms. R’s favorite things…CHOCOLATE!

I was inspired by Lisa Storms‘s blog.  So many great ideas!

Here’s my easy-peasy end-of-the-year teacher’s gift:

I bought this fun lidded cup with a straw at Walmart and filled it with Hershey’s Kisses.  I designed and printed a little flag to attach to the straw and VOILA!  All for about $7.

I love to use practical and useful containers.  I can already see Ms. R sipping a frapuccino or some lemonade while reading a good book by the pool this summer.

These are definitely going to be my go-to teacher appreciation gifts for years to come!

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Funky Wristlets

You may have noticed the door prize that I gave away at Friday’s vendor night.  Here is the story as to how it was born:

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mel asked me to come up with a wristlet design to give as 8th grade graduation gifts.  After scouring the fabric store, I found some adorable fabric that is young and fun, but not too juvenile for soon-to-be high schoolers.  Here is what I made:

I added some turquoise piping between the fabrics, which I think gave it a nice touch!

I added a small pocket on the inside, big enough to hold a lip gloss or an ID card.  I was so excited when Mel emailed me to tell me that she loved them! 

I intended to make a few of them for the vendor night, but I was only able to complete one by the time Friday rolled

This became my door prize, and I was so excited to see the response it received! 

If you are interested in a funky wristlet, visit my Facebook page for pricing and other details, or email me at the link on my sidebar.  These can be made in any fabric combination. 

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